Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing South Africa - a letter from a Surf Spray fan

We left our beloved Durbs and moved to Briz in Oz just over a year ago, and still feel extremely homesick from time-to-time. Apart from missing family and friends big-time, we also miss our comfortable home with it's acre of heaven-for-kids garden (compared with our postage stamp of lawn here!) and the village atmosphere of Kloof on the outskirts of Durban. We also miss our weekends and holidays at SurfSpray where we were regulars at The Beach House which, as its name suggests, is right on the beach.

Yes, SurfSpray is great and it was such a nice surprise to come across their Blog this morning! We all loved spending time there, and YES, WE'LL BE BACK THERE IN DECEMBER!!! Can't wait!

Our two daughters, Ruby and Talullah (now 7 and 5) are equally excited. Actually, whenever Ruby has to do an 'oral' at school, it's always about South Africa, often about the happy times we spent at The Beach House, which we sort-of regarded as our 'second home'! To ' illustrate' her orals and make them 'even more interesting' (to quote her), she shows the teacher and her class pictures of us all having fun on the beach, of the two of them playing in those gorgeous coastal-forest grounds or horseriding on the beach at nearby Selsdon Park Estate, etc. And once she even showed a close-up picture of a platter of crayfish we had braaied!....a foodie of note, my young Ruby!

The same applies to little sister 'Lullah, and their favourite meal used to be at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant at Ramsgate, where they would each wolf down a plate of fresh fish plus a few calamari rings & prawns off our plates! And we sometimes went to Pannevis in Port Edward for 'Slingers' (I think they're also known as Red Roman?) and prawns.......and the ' tradition' has continued here in Oz, so we often find ourselves enjoying the same at restaurants here on Sundays.....the old 'Sunday Roast' is a thing of the past, I'm afraid!

The girls and their young cousins used to insist on visiting the Snake Park/Crocodile Farm, so I suppose we'll be dragged off there again in December....... But after being regulars here at the late Steve Erwin's Park, they'll probably find it most disappointing this time around. Erwin's place is really something!

There is just so much here for kids and families to do-&-see together - Brisbane is definitely geared toward 'family life' and kids. It's great. But we still miss home.....

Samantha Clarke,

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